Research Center for Regulatory Science and Technology for Advanced Medicine

Overview of the Research Center

Research Objectives

  Medicine demands us to provide solutions for more and more increasing problems in many aspects not only in Japan, but also in countries in the world. The solutions might require innovations and improvement in various aspects of social systems including laws, economics, management, etc. as well as medical science and technologies.
  The research center aims to investigate and analyze problems and needs in the field of medicine in technologies, situations and causes of mistreatments, various risks, methodologies for speedy and effective introduction of new drugs and technologies (in Japan substantial time duration (delay) in these introduction process are referred as “drug lag and device lag”), and to find solutions for them.
  The research center especially put priority on research on regulatory science in order to drastically improve process of validation and compliance examination of new medicine and technologies, and investigate regal and management system from the standpoint of social sciences such as law and economics. The research center takes an inter-disciplinary approach where technology and social science collaborate.

Research Themes
・Investigation to propose solutions for problems of medicine and its system from the stand point of inter-disciplinary approach of technology and social sciences.
 ・Systematic research on problem seeking and analysis based on wide range collaboration among YNU Medical ICT center, YCU(Yokohama City University) Advanced Medical Research Center, and Keihin Seaside Life Innovation Organization (KSLION).

Research Methodology
 Unsolved problems and themes are to be found from real cases and practical events in medical fields through hearings of people and staffs engaged in medicine and various meetings. In order to analyze problems and seek solutions, various meeting and workshops are held gathering people from fields of medicine, technologies, and social sciences. The proposed solutions are to be evaluated through clinical tests and social experimentations on collaborative basis with organizations, where the regulatory science has an important role.

Key Features
Researchers gather from technology and social sciences to form an interdisciplinary study team to investigate whole social systems such as medicine and medical system, and propose total solutions for key problems in such systems.

Future Prospects
The research center investigates key problems in the society, and proposes solutions based on inter-disciplinary research effort. These activities are to be developed into a new, more systematized, standing organization as YNU Social System Research Center that will be a core center in planned joint post-graduate school by YNU and YCU.

Project Term
July 2012 to July 2015

 Ryuji Kohno (Leader)
    Professor, Division of Physics, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Graduate School of
    Director, Center of Medical Information and Communication Technology
    Finnish Distinguished Professor (FiDiPro),
    CEO, University of Oulu Research Institute Japan - CWC-Nippon KK
 Tomoko Utsumi
    Associate Professor, International Graduate School of Social Sciences
 Tadashi Shiomi
    Guest Professor, Medical ICT Center
 Chika Sugimoto
    Associate Professor, Division of Physics, Electrical & Computer Engineering,
    Graduate School of Engineering
 Akinobu Nemoto
    Associate Professor, Division of Bioinformatics, Yokohama City University Hospital


 Tomoko Utsumi (Associate Professor) discussed at a Panel in the Symposium SMICT2013 (Mar.5, 2013, Yokohama)

  Associate Professor Tomoko Utsumi discussed at a Panel in the Symposium SMICT2013 (Mar.5, 2013, Yokohama) on the issue of relationship of science and technology with jurisprudence from the viewpoint of a jurist, focusing regulatory science and education in the field of advanced medical technology.

 Medical Device Regulatory Science Center project

Yokohama National University accepted the project “Kanagawa Medical Device Regulatory Science Center” from Kanagawa prefecture. The project started in 2014 and continues to 2015 with the purpose to promote regulatory science based establishment of the system to speed-up introduction of advanced technologies into medical fields and to produce human resource which engages in the inter-disciplinary fields covering technologies, medicine and social sciences including registration, economy, etc.

  Opening ceremony and exhibiton of Kanagawa Medical Device Regulatory Science Center

The Research Center for Regulatory Science and Technology for Advanced Medicine plays a key role in the project, and also contributes in organizing various sessions and workshops in Medical ICT Symposium (MICT2015) and International Medical ICT Symposium (ISMICT2015).

ISMICT2015( Plenary session )              (Workshop on Medical Device Regulatory Science)

Prof. Kohno's Lab

  • Yokohama National University

  • MICT Center (Center for Future Medical Social Infrastructure Based on Information Communications Technology)
    • 79-7 Tokiwadai, Hodogaya, Yokohama, 240-8501, Japan
    • Phone & FAX 045-339-4490
    • e-mail : mict@ynu.ac.jp