2017 Symposium on Medical ICT (SMICT2017)

           Successfully finished.   Quick report (Japanese)

2017 Symposium on Medical Information and Communications Technology
, Yokohama, Japan

         New Frontier of Medical Technology and Business
        - For Healthcare, Rehabilitation, Sports, and more-

 The SMICT2017 covers R&D and education in the multi-disciplinary areas of medicine and engineering, and aims to gather people from fields not only of medicines and ICT, but of industry, social sciences, and government to discuss the issues and exchange information and to foster deep and wide human networks.


Date:March 8, 2017 10:00-17:30 Free of charge for participation
Venue: Yokohama Rapport, Yokohama, Japan

Organizer: Yokohama National University (YNU)
Medical ICT Center
              Institute of Advanced Sciences (IAS)

Kanagawa Prefecture
              Kanagawa Medical Device Regulatory Science Center

Technical Co-sponsors:
   University of Oulu (UoO, Finland), CWC Nippon (UoO)
  The Institute of Electronics, Information and
                 Communication Engineering (IEICE)

In cooperation with:
   Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications,
   Yokohama City,
   Yokohama City University (YCU),
National Institute of ICT (NICT)



■ Opening address 10:00-10:15
  Professor Yuichi Hasebe, President, YNU

■ Keynote Speeches 10:15-12:15

    Chairman: Professor A. Kawamura, YNU

      (1) Dr. T. Takaoka, Yokohma Rehabilitation Center,
                   Yokohama, Japan
     (2) Dr. T. Shiga, Omron Healthcare Co. Ltd.
     (3) Dr.
T. Nakamura, Professor, YCU

■ Lunch 12:15-

■ Posters/Exhibitions and Rehabilitation Center Facility tour  13:00-1345

■ Technical Talks and Panel 14:00-17:25
   - Research and Development of "Class 0.5" Medicine/Healthcare Equipment and its Practical Deployment -

 Leading Talk Professor R. Kohno, YNU

     Coordinators: Associate Professor C. Sugimoto,
                   MICT Center, YNU
              and Professor R. Kohno,
                   Director, MICT Center, YNU
                   Distinguished Professor, UoO, Finland

  (1) Dr. M. Marutani, Kanagawa Rihabilitation Hospital, Japan
Dr. R. Kato, Associate Professor, YNU
    (3) Dr. S. Sekiguchi, Nursing Care Practice Program,
                  President, Togenuki Corp., Japan

Panelists (including the above speakers)
(1) Dr. S. Watanabe,
Yokohama Rehabilitation Center
    (2) Dr. S. Takizawa, Biophilia Research Laboratory, Japan
Dr. H. Hagiwara, Visiting Prof., YNU, Visiting Lecturer,
            Yokohama City Univ., Chief, Yokohama-Minami Hospital

  (4) TBD


■ Closing 17:25
Professor Shin Morishita, Vice President, YNU

Symposium Office
Secretary Office, MICT Center, YNU
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         E-mail: mict@ynu.ac.jp

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